Massage therapy can best be described as manipulations of the body’s soft tissue done by a licensed or certified massage therapist. It encompasses many kinds of modalities and styles – with either Eastern, Western, or a mix of philosophies and techniques.

There are a wide variety of benefits of massage therapy. A few are listed below. The philosophy I’ve adapted is that that boy heals when it’s at rest. That is why sleep is important and stress is damaging. The value in massage therapy is that it helps your body restore back to homeostasis, which allows it to heal from with in.

Boost immune system
Depression & Anxiety
Emotional well-being
Helps with appearance of scars
Helps break-up adhesions
Improve digestion, elimination
Improve posture
Increase Circulation
Increase flexibility, range of motion
Increase lymph flow
Moves Nutrients, Oxygen, Blood cells
Movement of toxins and waste
Recover from physical activities faster
Reduce muscle tension
Reduce Stress
Skin tone/elasticity
Stimulates Parasympathetic state
Supports natural healing process


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