My Approach

Whole health is important to me. When one area of your life is out of sorts, the others may not function properly. You might feel unbalanced and often overwhelmed. Together, we will release the junk weighing you down to allow amazing opportunities for personal growth.

My specialty is in working with individuals who want to take control of their emotions, allowing to have more productive lives and relationships. I enjoy working with those want to do good in the world and are seeking what path to take; those who feel the pull that they are ready to do more, but may lack the confidence or know-how to plunge forward.

Whether or not you consider yourself an “emotional” person, emotions are undoubtedly at the heart of our decision making and you face them everyday, all day long. My goal is to give you the tools you need to use them in a productive and helpful manner. We will use methods such as mindfulness, emotional intelligence mastery, and CBT (cognitive behavioral theory) to accomplish this.

I also offer guidance on using alternative methods to increase one’s overall health by offering consultations on the benefit, safety, and proper use of essential oils. This service is completely optional and free to those who are using my coaching services.

My Story

I was born a dreamer. When I was little I was the one who treated my stuffed animals fairly by rotating their positions on my bed, mediated between my younger sister and older brother, and would get lost in my own world. If fact, when I was 7 I was left behind while visiting our soon-to-be new home because I was in the yard singing to myself and picturing what my life would be like there. When both parents tried to look for me, they determined the other had me. It took me a while to realize I was alone, because I never felt alone when was imagining.

And that’s when I first realized how powerful our thoughts are. Our thoughts, I learned much later, shape our beliefs, which are ultimately responsible for our outcomes. This theory helped me through the challenges of my life. I have experienced illness, betrayal, loss, divorce, anxiety, bouts of depression, trails of motherhood, and more. I have come to understand that it is out reaction to our challenges that shape us and that we have more choice in the matter than we give ourselves credit for.

I have 4 beautiful children from my first marriage. I am remarried to a Navy man, who has been a wonderful step-dad to our children. Because I started my family very young and decided to raise my children before going back to school, I am now working on completing my Bachelor’s degree from BYU-Idaho in Marriage and Family Studies. I plan to finish in 2019. Although I am encouraging my children to complete college early, this has proven to be the best road for me. Having experienced so much in my life prior to going back to school has given me a unique perspective in my studies. I also find that I am better equipped to utilize the concepts immediately and more able to visualize theories and outcomes correctly.

Along with raising my children and competing my studies, I am also heavily involved in my church. I currently serve in our youth program for those ages 12-18. I love working with the youth. Their challenges are unique and far beyond what mine were at their age. I see such bravery and integrity in them. They are easily lost, but worth all the effort to plunge in and rescue.

I am also an advocate of essential oils. They have been a huge help in my life since I started using them in 2015. We have been given many tools and gifts in this life to help us overcome the trials of it. Essential oils are one of those tools. They help support many other tools. Because my family has had a lot of success incorporating them into our physical, mental, and emotional health, I want to provide my clients with the same option.

Next Steps…

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